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Apr 02 2015

Grilled Steak in Rosemary Port Sauce with Blue Cheese

This rosemary port sauce is amazing on just about anything but especially your favorite cuts of steak. This original recipe was designed around beef tenderloin but I have also had amazing results with strip loin, rib-eye steak and  top sirloin. The combination of the sweet port wine sauce and the tangy and sharp blue cheese …

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Mar 30 2015

Brazilian Cheese Bread (naturally gluten free)

Well this is jsut the easiest gluten free bread you are ever going to make. Okay unless you have made the One Minute GF Bread but this is the fastest hot-out-of-the-oven bread and there is enough to share. The best part about Brazilian Cheese Bread is that is it naturally gluten free. The original recipe has …

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Mar 26 2015

Dirty Fried Rice

This is not a recipe but more of a concept. Dirty fried rice is a perfect way to use up leftover cooked rice along with almost anything else leftover in your fridge. The idea is simple. 1) Saute any “hard” uncooked vegetables Onions, celery, carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnips etc. This is a great time to …

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Mar 23 2015

Cream of Rice Cereal

There is something so warming and comforting about a bowl of Cream of Rice Cereal. Where I live it is nearly impossible to find the boxed kind but luckily it is very easy to make at home. I like the freedom of making my own Cream of Rice Cereal because it allows me a lot …

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Mar 19 2015

Cinnamon Cashew Butter Dip

I know that you are going to love this Cinnamon Cashew Butter Dip as much as I do. It is creamy and rich and let’s you feel like you are having a treat when you are filling up on healthy fats and protein. This recipe mixes the cashew butter with an unsweetened almond milk which …

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Mar 16 2015

Cream of Anything Soup Mix (gluten free)

I love to use cream soups. I know many people my age have memories of their moms cooking pork chops in cream of mushroom soup or bringing a hot-out-of-the-oven casserole to the table. Or my favorite… scalloped potatoes. Over the years I have phased out this out-of-the-can cooking. It is in part because of my …

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Mar 12 2015

Baked Brie with Pear and Walnuts

This past weekend was awesome. Jonny and I went into Toronto to see a show which was awesome and hilarious. After the show we were able to meet up with a couple of friends who we haven’t seen in too long. There is something awesome about friends you can see after years apart and carry …

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Mar 09 2015

Coconut Flour Pancakes (gluten free)

It is possible that I have been a little obsessed with pancakes lately. They make such an amazing dinner especially with these high protein coconut flour pancakes. If you missed it a couple weeks back, you should check out my High Protein Pancakes and also my Buckwheat Pancakes which were both awesome. This week I decided to …

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